We Are WordPress Management Specialists

We Are Here for Two Main Reason

Get your wordpress up to date.

Keep your wordpress website up to date.

Our Simple 4-Step Process


First we make a complete back-up of your current site and system.


We perform a step-by-step upgrade process to ensure upgrades are implemented without any site down time.

Test and Verify

We ensure that all updates are performing in tip-top shape.


Head out for a jog or read a good book, your just gave yourself extra time and saved many possible headaches down the road. Your site has been secured by a reliable wordpress specialist.

Solving WordPress Aging

If your version of wordpress is old and has not been updated recently, our team has a plan for upgrading your system.

If you do not have time to keep installing new updates, we understand not everyone needs to spend the time to learn how to do that.

If you got hacked, man we’re sorry!  No more time to cry about it though, let’s take some action to resolve the hack and prevent any future attacks.

Jeremy Oms
Lead Wordpress Account Manager

Company own Jeremy Oms is the complete mixture of East Coast hustle and West Coast chill.   Born and raised just outside of the District of Colombia, New Blood grew its wings under the pretense of web application specialists.

As the sunshine and beach air beckoned, New Blood used its newly grown wings to travel to beautiful California.

“While I now call Cali my home, I still have and always will have a warm spot in my heart for Baltimore and the D.C. area,” says Jeremy after making the move to California in 2008.

Jeremy is first and foremost a family man.  His dedication to his family means everything to him.  “My family gives me the strength, support, and motivation to be the best I possibly can be from the moment I wake up each and every day!”

Jeremy is a caring individual with a heart to serve.  His passion for serving others in meaningful ways invigorates his drive to help other small businesses succeed in their various online ventures.

While you can occasionally find him in the sand with a volleyball, his in-the-office work ethic is hard to compete with.

“My goal is to simply make growing your business online easier and more attainable.  With a structurally sound core wordpress system,  website owners are freed up to network, connect, create, dream, pursue, and ultimate reach their goals quicker.”

“I like to mix in a little fun in everything I do.  Mixing in some playful attitude makes everyone’s day that much better.  However, when it gets down to to crunch time, my expert developer status will always kick in to get things done.”

New Blood has always been focused on helping business grow through the use of Internet Technology.  Let us help your business grow and check one more thing off your list.   See how New Blood makes sense to be your wordpress management team.

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