WordPress Maintenance for the Traveling Photographer

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On the Go Photographer

Sam is a photographer.  He’s not a studio photographer.  His passion is to be out in the field, taking shots of life as it is happening.

He loves to travel.  But when he is not traveling and taking photos of his exploits, he does his best to book high-end event photography.

In particular, he loves shooting action photography such as outdoor sporting events, x-games, rock-climbing, sand volleyball, etc.

– Wake up, get a bite to eat, grab some coffee, and head out the door.
– On the road, he is listening to his favorite photography podcast of the day (This Week in Photography and The Digital Story).
– He arrives at his photoshoot for the week, a beach volleyball event put on by the AVP professional volleyball association. This tournament will be going on all week, so he will be there all day for 4 days straight.
– Outside, under the bright sunlight, he captures the essence of the event through detailed snapshots of location. The visuals he is able to sample from the days he spends there allow the person to feel the emotions of the players, and the atmosphere of the event.
– The sun goes down on the day and he heads back to his house.
– Tired, exhausted, but exhilarated by the excitement of the day, he imports his photos to his laptop and starts widdling down his top 10 photos of the day.
– After choosing his top 10, he takes only 3 of those to edit and submit to his clients.
– End of the day, a job well done! 3 high quality photos that get published and shared over and over again on the Internet, providing his beach volleyball association client the type of press they were looking for.

Sam loves his work.  He loves taking photos and he actually enjoys editing.

He does have assistants to help edit his photos and even post his photos to his own website once a week.

His content on his website is fresh and new clients are impressed by his ability to maintain an active website while shooting so many events.

He runs his website on wordpress which is set up on the cheap.  $50 theme, $50 installation, and some nice photos by yours truly, and he has been off and flying for 5 years now.

Things seem great!

This may very well be your life as a photographer as well.  On-the-go.  Shooting multiple times and week.  When not shooting, you are catching up on editing or bringing in those top dollar clients.

However, way down on your list of things to do is:

  • “Find out why my wordpress website is telling me I have updates”
  • Get a backup of my website so I don’t lose all my photos and content.

These “website” tasks have been on your list for a while now.   Why, because you aren’t sure the easiest way to start.  For wordpress updates, you are uncertain that if you simply click the update button, that your site will still be functioning after the system does it’s thing.

You are not sure the best way to backup your website anyway.  Is it a plugin?  Do I have to pay for it?  What is a wordpress backup anyhow?

Photography is your life, there is no reason why you need to spend unnecessary time learning about updating a wordpress website.   Outside consultants are readily available.

Can you photography business afford a low monthly to have assurance that nothing will be lost?

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